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The positive psychology framework is the fastest way to accelerate the growth of you, your business and your clients, allowing you and your clients to experience more joy, success in their goals, happiness across all domains of life , and sky-high levels of confidence.

This phenomenal science - A.K.A. the Science of Happiness - is taking the world by storm. With proven blueprints, research-based assessments and interventions, and elite methods of intertwining positive psychology into coaching, you'll learn how to be the coach that your clients can't stop raving about.

But with a scientifically proven framework woven into your coaching practice, you can confidently sit in the top tier of coaches.

Exceptional coaches are hard to find.

Can i be honest with you?

kind words from clients:

"To say that Kirsty has changed my life would be understating the impact she's had on me.

When I met Kirsty, I was unsure, lacked clarity with my business goals, struggled to maintain a work-life balance, and was unable to see past my mental blocks. Over the months that I worked with Kirsty, she's helped me rediscover my inner strength and helped me reconnect with myself."

Tulika Nair,
Brand strategist

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As a psychologist, the biggest question I get asked is 'can you read my mind?'.
Let's see, shall we?

Is this you?

You want to know how to improve the lives of others on a deep, lasting, and scientifically-proven level

You want the confidence in knowing that your coaching framework actually works, and you'll get repeatable results client after client

You're scared of charging what you really want and deserve (or, new coaches, you're scared to charge at all!)

Psychology and human behaviour fascinates you ('cos, same)


Get certified as a Positive Psychology Coach

Tailored Positive Psychology Coaching to realign your business model, your coaching niche and upgrade your coaching skills through private mentorship.


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Tailored Positive Psychology Coaching to realign your business model, your coaching niche and upgrade your coaching skills through private mentorship.



Learn the coaching skills, business systems and the powerful integration of Positive Psychology for next-level success.



Get started with strengthening your skills and earning money as a coach with our high-level free content.

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The Positive Psychology Coach Certification

Learn how to apply the science, develop and sharpen your coaching skills, and leave with a ready-to-sell coaching package to offer your clients.

Get certified in as little as 8 weeks, even if you don't have any prior experience or qualifications!

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The Positive Psychology Coach Podcast

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How positive psychology will elevate your client results

Discover the science and how to apply it.

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Finding your profitable niche as a coach

Discover who you are uniquely qualified to serve.

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How positive psychology can help you earn more money

Did you know that happy coaches make more money?

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"Happiness is not out there for us to find. The reason that it's not out there is that it's inside us.” - Sonja Lyubomirsky

My mission is to empower hundreds of thousands of current and aspiring coaches around the world to better their lives and businesses through the power of Positive Psychology. I’m proud to already have supported dozens of women across the globe in creating a life and business that’s full of joy, success and confidence, and I’m excited to do the same for you.

With over ten years of experience in the psychological world, including a Master’s in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology plus my background in teaching, I help you go from stuck and stagnant in your life, business and client results to supercharged, soaring, and exceedingly happy.

Through the Positive Psychology Coaching Certification programme, private mentorship, the Positive Psychology Coach Podcast and epic free resources, I help you experience a radical personal transformation, get exceptional client results, and show up as a masterful coach within a business that is aligned with your strengths, values and lifestyle.

About Kirsty

International coach and Positive Psychologist from the Derbyshire countryside working with coaches across the world.

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