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I'm an international Positive Psychologist (MSc) and Coach born and raised in the Derbyshire countryside in the UK, and I've been featured in global publications including Huffington Post, Metro and Refinery 29. My mission is to empower women across the world to bring more happiness, joy and balance into their lives and create a life and business that thrives.

Through our Positive Psychology Coach certification programme, one-to-one Positive Psychology Coaching, free resources and The Positive Psychology Coach Podcast, I help coaches and service-based businesses to infuse the magic that is Positive Psychology into their life and business so that they can perform at a higher level, increase their well-being, work from their strengths and achieve their value and heart-aligned goals.

Hiya, my name's Kirsty!

I love to help other women succeed in their own lives too

my history and experience

Teaching, psychology and coaching has always been my thing

How it started

My professional career began as a teacher, but the yearning to know the intricacies of how humans work magnetised me back to the world of psychology, and I've been here ever since. Having worked across various NHS services within the psychological services, delivering training to the police force, social workers, families and executives, I fell in love with the blend of psychology, coaching and teaching.

However, the clinical and forensic psychology services that I worked within left a gap unfulfilled. I knew that I wanted to study and explore the full potential of humans; I wanted to see how great humans can be, rather than focusing on fixing 'problems'. Since then, I've graduated with a BSc in Psychology (Hons) and Master's in Applied Positive and Coaching Psychology (Distinction).

With more than a decade within the psychology, human development and coaching space, plus my teaching experience, understanding people and how they learn the best is one of my top skills.

And now? I coach female coaches, business owners and leaders across the world to infuse a Positive Psychology framework into their lives, businesses and client work for exceptional growth, success and happiness.

Over the past two years, I've coached dozens of women from around the world to help them unlock their highest ever cash months, double their annual revenue, start and expand new businesses, and enrol more clients than ever before... all whilst seeing their self-confidence, personal power, joy, their relationships skyrocket through the roof.

By integrating positive psychology into your business, you remove the guesswork as a coach, help yourself and your clients reach your goals faster, and enable yourself to position yourself as the expert in your field by being able to provide a reliable approach and structure to your work. 

Now, my passion is helping you build yours

My process is simple: I teach you the fundamentals of a positive psychology framework, and I coach you on how to apply it to your life and business.

Known as the ‘science of happiness’, Positive Psychology is the scientific study of human flourishing, with an evidence-based approach to optimal functioning. Founded in 1998 with an evergrowing body of research behind it, Positive Psychology is the study of the strengths and virtues that enable individuals, communities, and businesses to thrive.

Instead of focusing on the diagnosis and fixing problems, Positive Psychology takes a closer look at strengths instead of weaknesses, what is working well rather than what needs fixing, and ultimately takes humans and groups of people from ‘good’ to thriving and flourishing.

The super interesting thing about positive psychology is that it allows us to empirically measure the impact of interventions surrounding gratitude, strengths-based approaches, kindness, values, and meaning… then apply these directly to the context of your personal and professional goals.

'But wait!', I hear you cry.  
'What is positive psychology?'

I thought you'd never ask!

Let me introduce you to my world...

let's break it down...

Clinical Psychology

Positive Psychology

Focuses on getting people from struggling to 'good'

Looks at negatives and problems to be addressed and solved

Used where there is pathology, disorder, or diagnosed conditions

Considers areas such as depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction, and disorders

Focuses on getting people from good to thriving and flourishing

Looks at positive emotions, behaviours and actions to move forwards

Applicable to all individuals with or without pathology and diagnosis

Considers topics such as strengths, values, motivation, meaning, happiness and relationships

happy clients, happy coach

I gained clarity on my brand vision and who my ideal client was. I set and attained many business goals including working with brand designers to complete my visual brand and logo, client workbooks, website. I overcame my fears and began working 1:1 with a number of clients!

Lisa, Holistic coach

Kirsty is incredibly inspiring and the energy she brings to the coach/client relationship is unlike anything I have experienced before. Her approach to coaching is rooted in positivity and I really loved that about each of our sessions. Her insights have taught me so much about what I have to offer and it's truly been the greatest gift.

intuitive biz coach

I left my full-time job, I am now a fully-fledged entrepreneur and I feel more relaxed than ever before yet I am at the time of most uncertainty. I LOVE looking after myself and I can see the benefits of that in my relationships, my client work, my business… feeling in flow, feeling in tune and feeling so much happier. Thank you for your support, inspiration and accountability to hold me on this journey.

Coach & therapist

my Favourite drink is:

Superfood coffee & a dry white wine


My dog, Buddy. Does he count?


Morning meditation & gratitude practices

my Favourite book atm:

'Think Big' by Dr. Grace Lordan

Currently obsessed with...

Almost there!

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