Get certified as a Positive Psychology Coach in just 8 weeks!

The most powerful coaching certification is here!

Even if you have no formal qualifications or coaching experience!

The Positive Psychology Coaching Certification prides itself on excellence and mastery, providing you with a framework proven to get your clients exceptional results in their life and business.

This certification sets you apart from others in your industry by putting science, psychology and strategy at the centre of your coaching approach, positioning you as the no-brainer go-to-expert in your field.

Get consistent results for you and your clients

Time to get next-level results

I'm Kirsty! Positive Psychologist, coach and trainer, here to certify you as an exceptional coach

Imagine what it would be like...

positive psychology is taking the world by storm. Here's how it benefits you and your business:

With a repeatable framework providing consistent results, you increase your client satisfaction levels, get raving client reviews, raise your earning potential, and experience more joy, confidence and success across all domains of your life.

To make a well-paid living making other people happy

Become the sought-after expert coach

By using a reliable and science-backed coaching framework.

Live a greater quality of life

With the flexibility and freedom of being a coach who specialises in the science of happiness and wellbeing and embodies this in their life and work.

Be able to
raise your prices

With endless happy client reviews, your client testimonials and the confidence in your framework will increase your earning potential.

Take positive psychology everywhere with you

Perhaps you're a health coach, a mindset coach, a business coach, life coach, or spiritual coach? Or maybe you're an executive coach, self-love coach or confidence coach? The great news is that Positive Psychology can be brought into your practice wherever you are.

Whether you're helping busy mums find balance, stressed-out corporate employees beat the burnout, millennials find meaning in life, couples find greater happiness and appreciation for one another, or helping entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses, the science of Positive Psychology can be used with any client, within any niche, working towards any goal.

Apply the science of wellbeing, happiness and success to any niche

Leading with a science-backed framework is the quickest way to establish yourself as the expert

When I first started coaching, I felt overwhelmed, crippled with imposter syndrome and the fear that I wouldn't help my clients get the results they deserved.

I'd spend all of my time Googling 'coaching tips' just to try and fill the gap, messily trying to arm myself with as many random resources from all corners of the internet without a strategy, formula, or clear direction. 

That was until I studied and qualified as a Positive Psychologist, and it changed the coaching world for me.

Tell me if this sounds just like you...

Lead with confidence

You get pre-coaching session anxiety, silently hoping your clients won't show up

You leave your calls feeling doubtful, exhausted, and hyper-crticial of your coaching skills

You often worry about your client's progress, or if they're secretly disappointed with their experience with you 

YOU DON'T WANT TO just be average

This practical and results-driven programme is designed to help you strategically take your clients from stuck to skyrocketing, meeting their goals and then soaring beyond. As a result, you get to enjoy:

Positive Psychology is the science of what takes us from 'good' to thriving and flourishing

Let's paint the picture a bit more

The confidence to sell your services knowing that you're using a tried-and-tested framework

A deeper understanding of your strengths and how to integrate positive psychology into your own life

Exceptional and repeatable results from clients who can't stop talking about you


The main things you will learn are:

Learn & apply the science

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Get certified as a masterful Positive Psychology Coach in just 8 weeks, even if you don't have a psychology degree or coaching experience!

Personal transformation

Coaching practice and Positive Psychology Intervention implementation are a standard feature of the programme. For the next 8 weeks, you will also coach, be coached and observe coaching sessions to refine your coaching skills.


Strategy & implementation

You'll leave with not only a certification and an out-of-this-world personal transformation, but also a ready-to-use coaching package grounded in Positive Psychology to implement right away!


Crush your business goals

Through live training from me and my incredible guest experts, you'll learn high-level methods of branding, marketing and messaging to help you sell your offer and crush your business goals.


Meet your teacher and coach

I'm a Positive Psychologist with over 10 years of experience in the psychological world, a teaching background, a Bachelor's in Psychology (Hons) and a Master's in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. 

Over the past two years, I've coached dozens of women from around the world to help them unlock their highest ever cash months, double their annual revenue, start and expand new businesses, and enrol more clients than ever before... all whilst seeing their self-confidence, personal power, joy, their relationships skyrocket through the roof.

I'm Kirsty, and I'll be your guide through this life-changing programme

The Positive Psychology Coaching Certification programme was born out of my passion for psychology, optimal wellbeing, and excellence in coaching. In a world where the title of 'coach' is unregulated, it is becoming more and more important to show your clients that you take yourself and their progress seriously. 

This course combines my extensive experience, my Master's degree, and my time spent within various psychological services to help you become a masterful coach who can have the confidence to say they work with ethics, integrity and excellence in all angles of their coaching work. From mastering your client-coach relationship and holding space effectively, to knowing what questions to ask, what tools to use and what to explore with your client, you'll be leaving this programme with all the skills you need to stand out above the rest in your coaching niche.

This is for you if:

You're ready to up-level your happiness, wellbeing and personal success

You want to lead with excellence and mastery, and set yourself apart in the industry

You love to see other people happy, thriving and achieving success

You're looking for a fresh and dynamic approach to coaching that promotes vitality

You're not ready to walk-the-talk of pos psych by implementing it into your own life first

You're already a Master's in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology graduate

You're not interested in people's wellbeing as a part of their growth and development

You're happy to keep using the same coaching tools and models that other coaches are using

This is NOT for you if:

Incredible value in the form of live training, ready-to-view materials, resources and a thriving community

Private member's area with over 20 hours of our comprehensive curriculum (worth £10,000)

Weekly 1.5 hour live training and coaching with Kirsty (worth £3,000)

Homework, checklists and assignments to consolidate your learning

24+ hours of coaching practice, including 8 hours of your own coachee experience (worth £1,500)

Over 50 validated Positive Psychology assessments and interventions (worth £360)

Walk away with a ready-to-offer Positive Psychology coaching programme of your own

Bonus Business Brilliance module with guest experts teaching you how to brand, market and sell your offer (worth £497)

Lifelong connections and networking opportunities with like-minded coaches and service providers

Ongoing support inside the PPCC CPD community

Recommended reading list from leading authors and researchers in the industry

Over £15,000 worth of content inside

How does the course run?

The programme runs as a hybrid of ready-to-consume modules and weekly live training. Here is a breakdown of your module content.

Glad you asked! Here's the course breakdown:

Coaching Mastery & Excellence

Covering everything you need to be a masterful coach from coaching models and tools, ethics and integrity, what coaching questions to ask and developing your coaching philosophy, this module lets you hit the ground running!

What you'll take away:


Coaching foundations and competencies 

Coaching ethics, integrity, and best practices 

Coaching tools, models, approaches and frameworks

Refining your unique coaching philosophy to communicate to your clients


The Science of Positive Psychology

Learn the scienctific underpinnings of Positive Psychology so that you have the context that empowers you to feel confident as a coach. Use the information from this module to teach, educate and position yourself as the expert!

What you'll take away:


The foundations of the research in Positive Psychology

Approaches to happiness, success and wellbeing

Understanding how to measure and interpret wellbeing

The link between Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology


Positive Psychology Coaching

Now that you understand the science, it's time to learn how to apply it! This module is all about learning the specific theories within the framework, understanding the assessments and interventions, and practising the application in real-time!

What you'll take away:


An expert-level understanding of 20 Positive Psychology theories and models to use and adapt with your clients

Transform yourself an others as you apply these theories and models to yourself and your triad members

An 8-week coaching framework for you to implement with your own clients

Over 50 Positive Psychology assessments and interventions to add to your toolkit


Download the full prospectus to learn more about the week-by-week breakdown & the assessment information

Wait, wait, wait...
there's more!

Bonus items

50+ ready-to-use Positive Psychology assessments and interventions

Leave the programme equipped with a toolkit of scientifically validated assessments and interventions to start using with your clients right away.

Access to an ongoing CPD community

Stay connected to me and your course mates long after the programme has finished to continue your development, ask questions, and support one another as you take Pos Psych into the world!

Bonus Module: Business Brilliance!

Learn from industry experts how to brand yourself and your offer, master your messaging, sell like a pro and build sales funnels that convert into paying clients! 

Get reviews like this from your clients

To say that Kirsty has changed my life would be understating the impact she's had on me. When I met Kirsty, I was unsure, lacked clarity with my business goals, struggled to maintain a work-life balance, and was unable to see past my mental blocks. Over the months that I worked with Kirsty, she's helped me rediscover my inner strength and helped me reconnect with myself.

Brand and content strategist

I gained clarity on my brand vision and who my ideal client was. I set and attained many business goals including working with brand designers to complete my visual brand and logo, client workbooks, website. I overcame my fears and began working 1:1 with a number of clients!

Lisa, holistic coach

Kirsty is incredibly inspiring and the energy she brings to the coach/client relationship is unlike anything I have experienced before. Her approach to coaching is rooted in positivity and I really loved that about each of our sessions. Her insights have taught me so much about what I have to offer and it's truly been the greatest gift.

Inuitive biz coach

I left my full-time job, I am now a fully-fledged entrepreneur and I feel more relaxed than ever before yet I am at the time of most uncertainty. I LOVE looking after myself and I can see the benefits of that in my relationships, my client work, my business… feeling in flow, feeling in tune and feeling so much happier. Thank you for your support, inspiration and accountability to hold me on this journey.

Coach & therapist


Receive your enrolment and login details

Submit your application form 

To ensure that PPCC is perfect for you and to get a better understanding of where you're currently and where you'd like to be, we have a brief application form for you to complete.

Get your notebooks ready... we start October 25th 2022!

Once accepted, you'll be sent an enrolment pack, and immediate access to Core Modules 1, 2 & 3, your reading list, and our community.

Our orientation call is Tuesday 25th October where you'll meet your course mates and get a rundown of how the course will run. Our first training call is on Thursday 27th October!

How does it work?

Getting you started on your journey to become a Positive Psychology Coach couldn't be easier!




Tangible, applied, ready-to-implement

This 8-week programme provides practical training, kept up-to-date with modern research 

Coaching excellence, ethics, and best practices to work as a masterful coach

Personal application of our Pos Psych toolkit for your own transformation

Access to our ongoing CPD community for continued support and lifelong friendships

Recommended core reading lists from industry leaders in Positive Psychology research

Understand the scientific underpinnings of Positive Psychology taken straight from academic research

Learn how to apply the science to your clients for next-level results

Access to our BONUS module, Business Brilliance, to learn how to brand, market and sell your coaching

Real-time teaching and coaching practice to hone your craft and build genuine connections

No matter where you're starting, our mission is to equip you to leave the programme as an exceptional, confident coach who gets their clients outstanding results.

Let's do this!

Flexi Pay

Spread the cost over three months

Course Value = £15,000+


Sale Price = £1,500

SAVINGS= £1,500!


Most Popular

+ 20 hours of curriculum content

+ 8 x 1.5 hours of live teaching

+ 24 hours of coaching practice

+ 8 hours of your own coaching

+ Homework, checklists, and reading lists

+ Over 50 assessments and interventions

+ A ready-to-offer coaching package

+ BONUS Business Brilliance module


per month

Super Flexi Pay

Get started for even less with a 6-month payment plan


Get started for less

+ 20 hours of curriculum content

+ 8 x 1.5 hours of live teaching

+ 24 hours of coaching practice

+ 8 hours of your own coaching

+ Homework, checklists, and reading lists

+ Over 50 assessments and interventions

+ A ready-to-offer coaching package

+ BONUS Business Brilliance module



Pay in Full

Save 10% with one upfront investment


Best value

+ 20 hours of curriculum content

+ 8 x 1.5 hours of live teaching

+ 24 hours of coaching practice

+ 8 hours of your own coaching

+ Homework, checklists, and reading lists

+ Over 50 assessments and interventions

+ A ready-to-offer coaching package

+ BONUS Business Brilliance module



Choose your payment option


Not enough for you? Enroll as a VIP and get even more!

3 one-to-one calls with Kirsty throughout the duration of the course to be coached on your business goals, get the most out of your studies, enhance your wellbeing further, or whatever you choose!

VIP support via Slack with Kirsty throughout your study to get instant priority answers to your burning questions!

Upgrade for just £797!

When you enrol, you will enter into a legally-binding contract which includes the expectations of your payment plan and it is your responsibility to uphold that agreement. However, I understand that life is unpredictable, so if you need to speak to someone about your plan under exceptional circumstances, email me directly where we discuss it further.

What if I want to change my payment plan?

Without even knowing your niche, the answer is 'yes'! Positive Psychology has been scientifically tested with thousands of people in different communities, with different goals and with different demographics. You can adapt the tools we introduce you to for any client, from any niche, with any goal.

Is this course suitable for my niche?

Absolutely. Pos psych and coaching skills are relevant to any business, any group and any person. If you're a leader, a teacher, or manager in any way, this course is perfect for you.

I'm not a coach, can I still enroll?

You get access to me via our weekly live trainings as a group. However, if you're looking for 1-1 coaching and mentorship from me through this course, you can upgrade your enrolment to VIP!

Do we get 1-1 access to you?

Yes, 100%. No prior experience or qualifications in psychology are needed to access this course. The materials are super digestible and available for anyone who is willing to learn.

I have no prior experience in psychology. Am I a good fit?

No certification or experience? No problem! This course starts with coaching fundamentals and coaching excellence for you to get your coaching skills as a part of your learning.

I don't have a coaching certification. Is this for me?

Answering your brilliant Q's:


Make one additional upfront payment of:

One-to-one bonus


PER MONTH / 3 months


3 monthly instalments of:

Spread it out



Super Flexi-Pay

Six monthly instalments of:

Get started for less




Save 10% with one upfront investment of:

Best value


or split the cost:


go risk-free

Money Back Guarantee

I completely understand the hesitation when it comes to making investments. I've been there and I remember the first time I made a big investment in myself and my business. It was so exciting, but also intimidating. Committing to saying yes to yourself is a big bag of strange emotions, right!?

Which is why I want to alleviate that pressure from you by taking that weighty risk off of your shoulders.

I am so confident that the power of Positive Psychology will elevate your happiness, joy and vitality, as well as that of your clients, that I offer you this guarantee:

If you do not find this course and its materials helpful within 14 days of purchase, email me and we will arrange a refund.

The only thing that I ask if that you provide clear proof that you have tried and tested our tools and methods fully and that you put in the work. That's fair, right?