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I gained clarity on my brand vision and who my ideal client was. I set and attained many business goals including working with brand designers to complete my visual brand and logo, client workbooks, website. I overcame my fears and began working 1:1 with a number of clients!

Lisa, Holistic coach

Kirsty is incredibly inspiring and the energy she brings to the coach/client relationship is unlike anything I have experienced before. Her approach to coaching is rooted in positivity and I really loved that about each of our sessions. Her insights have taught me so much about what I have to offer and it's truly been the greatest gift.

intuitive biz coach

I left my full-time job, I am now a fully-fledged entrepreneur and I feel more relaxed than ever before yet I am at the time of most uncertainty. I LOVE looking after myself and I can see the benefits of that in my relationships, my client work, my business… feeling in flow, feeling in tune and feeling so much happier. Thank you for your support, inspiration and accountability to hold me on this journey.

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I'm quite a friendly person - if I do say so myself! However, the quality of your coaching experience sits heavily upon the coach-client relationship. So, if you're unsure, my calendar is always open to book a coffee chat to put your mind at ease. Simply email me to arrange this.

what if we aren't a good fit?

Through listening closely to what you're saying (and not saying!), asking thoughtful questions, and using a variety of coaching models and tools, my job is to help you realise your own meaningful answers and 'aha-moments'. I act as a sounding board for your ideas, thoughts, worries and dreams, and mirror them back to you in a non-judgemental way to empower you to make aligned decisions for you and your business.

How does coaching work?

No reputable coach will ever promise the results that you get. However, the techniques that I pass on to you, when applied and acted upon, have the potential for radical outcomes - proven by scientific research. The quality of the results you get directly correlate with your level of holistic commitment.

Can you guarantee results?

The real magic of coaching happens between our coaching sessions whilst you are implementing your strategies, and from regular accountability with a trained professional. Because I want you to see real and lasting results, one-off sessions are not available.

Do you offer one-off sessions?

Not to be a grump, but this level of coaching is not suited to those who are not willing to make the time or capacity to implement psychological strategies, who are not prepared to be fully open and honest, and who are not ready to take radical responsibility for their success.

Who is this not for?

This coaching is perfect for coaches and business owners who value their time, who want to feel amazing, and who are ready to implement evidence-based strategies to elevate their life and their business. If you're someone who also loved a good belly laugh, you get extra points!

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